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Capstone & Thesis Research: Introduction

This guide walks you through steps you might take to complete your major paper or project.

Specific graduate programs:

Need help getting started with your project? Check out our "Specific Graduate Programs" page/tab on this guide for databases and resources for your program.

Contact a librarian for help:

Steps in doing a capstone paper or project:

Step 1: Select a topic area. See the "Selecting and focusing your research topic" tab above for suggestions on choosing a topic, narrowing your focus, and developing a thesis statement or research question.

Step 2: Do a literature review. The "Literature Review" tab will link you to helpful resources for planning a search and organizing your results. The "Start Searching" tab gives some examples for using article databases effectively.

Step 3: Conduct your research (for those students required to do so). Check the "Conducting research" tab for resources on creating surveys, finding tests, designing studies, etc.

Step 4: Present your results. The "Writing & Citing" tab brings together resources for writing the paper, citing your sources, and avoiding plagiarism. The "Presentation skills" tab will help you create effective visual aids and deliver a professional presentation.

The Research Cycle

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Watch and learn with Webster U. Library webinars:

Visit our webinars page to see tutorials that will sharpen your research skills and offer helpful guidance in doing a capstone, thesis, or advanced research project. Recorded webinars may be watched at your convenience. Live webinars offer an interactive experience with Webster U. librarians present to answer your questions.