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Finding Tests & Other Instruments

This guide provides advice on finding tests and other instruments in various resources from the library and on the Internet.

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Getting Started

Tests and measures are often broken up into two categories:

  • Non-commercial ("unpublished"): usually instruments that are found in books, journal articles, dissertations, etc. While most do not require purchase, they may still be protected by copyright law. Researchers should seek permission for use unless permission has been explicitly granted.
  • Commercial ("published"): instruments that are usually licensed for use by a specific publisher and require purchase. Beware of unauthorized versions on the Internet.

Be sure to check with the university's Institutional Review Board to make sure all required procedures and policies are followed when using tests in your research.

Non-Commercial ("Unpublished") Tests 

Other sources of non-commercial tests: PsycTests contains only a small percentage of the world's unpublished tests. Check other sources mentioned in this research guide:


Commercial ("Published") Tests

Tutorials, Guidelines, and Standards