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We can help with research, library resources and any questions about the library!  We welcome questions from all of our students, on any campus or taking classes online.  There are many ways to contact us: chat, phone, email or in person.  You can also set up an appointment with a Subject Specialist Librarian.  Here's a link to a page with information about how to get help in the library: Webster University Ask A Librarian - Get research and citation help

Selecting an Article Databases

You get an assignment and have chosen a topic.  Now you have to find articles.  Start by searching one of the library's article databases.


What is an article database?

Article databases are collections of articles in magazines, newspapers, and journals. These databases make it easier to locate articles on your topic because they are collected into one place and provide search functions that are useful for academic research. You can find a list of all the databases that the library subscribes to on the Articles & Databases page on the library website.

You will need to login to Webster Databases using your last name and your Student ID. 


General databases to start with


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