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Sociology @ Webster University Library

About This List

The Films on Demand database offers full-length videos on a wide variety of topics available for online viewing (Webster/Eden access only). The list to the right includes examples of gerontology titles.

Films on Demand database

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The video database Films on Demand allows users to access more than 5,500 educational titles in dozens of subject areas.

  • Accepting Life's Transitions
  • Aging
  • The Aging Brain: Through Many Lives
  • The Aging Files
  • Aging: What an Autopsy Reveals
  • The Alzheimer’s Mystery
  • The Beauty and Burden of Hormones
  • The Brain Fitness Program
  • Caring for the Frail and Immobile
  • Chronic Anxiety in the Elderly
  • Communicating with Aged Care Residents
  • Dance Within (India)
  • Death: The Ultimate Enigma
  • Depression: Not a Normal Part of Aging
  • Don't Forget
  • Don't Grow Old: Holding Back the Years
  • Dying with Dignity: The Sun City Choice
  • Elder Abuse: America’s Growing Crime
  • Final Years
  • Forever Young: an Elixir of Youth?
  • Geriatric Medicine: Innovations and Applications
  • A Good Death: Case Studies in End-of-Life Care
  • Growing Old
  • Holding Back the Years? The Race to Slow the Aging Process
  • Hormone Heaven?
  • How to Live to Be 101
  • How We Eat: From Birth to Death
  • Late-Life Depression
  • Life and Times: The Biology of Aging
  • Life Time: Death and Immortality
  • Living Better Longer
  • Living Forever: The Longevity Revolution
  • Living Longer … Aging Well
  • Living Longer … Living Better?
  • Living Old: The Modern Realities of Aging in America
  • Maintaining Mental Health Nutrition in an Aged-Care Environment
  • Overcoming Mental Impairment
  • Preventing Falls in Aged Care
  • Prisoners of Age
  • Relative Values (Tunisia)
  • The Silver Age (Japan)
  • Substance Abuse in the Elderly
  • To Be Old, Black, and Poor
  • The Undertaking