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MNGT 2500 and MRKT 5000 - Marketing (Noll)

Created for Phil Noll's marketing assignment -- determine the marketing process for a consumer product. This guide uses the Apple iPhone as an example

Consumer market research databases

Consumer market research databases

MRI Mediamark database -- consumer research

MRI Mediamark database -- consumer research

First: You must create your own, personal account using your Webster U email address and the code given on the database login screen.

Login >University Reporter

Build a report

2017 Spring Reporter > Electronics > Cellular/Mobile Phones/Smartphones > Handset Brands

  • Report Type: Standard- single year (2017)  (also Trend = 3 years)
  • Base:           Total Adults
  • Apple iPhone Working cell phones you personally Any

Note: red text (or †) on a report indicates unweighted count of 50 or less which means that the statistic may not be reliable. 

MRI Mediamark report on iPhone brand purchased

How to interpret an MRI report 

Base Total ‘000:                Total US adult base is 245.9 million:  almost 118.6 million men and 127.3 million women

                                           The following columns report the target activity: Personally own a working Apple iPhone

‘000                                      People who report owning a iPhone is 98.8 million (add 000 to the number): 44.7m men and 54.8m women

% Detail                               Among these iPhone owners, 45% are men and 55% are women

% Target                              Among the total population 40% own an iPhone (almost 38 % of men and 42.5% of women)

Index                                   How people in a row compare to the total US base (average American, Index = 100)

  • men are 6% less likely (64-100 = -6) than the typical/average US adult to own an iPhone
  • women are 6% more likely (106-100 = +6) than the typical/average US adult to own an iPhone

Quiz:  On the MRI report above, using the INDEX number, which age group is most likely to report that they own any iPhone?  How might you use this type of information to help you understand the iPhone's target market?

Want to learn more about creating and reading MRI+ reports?  Check out this YouTube video from Columbia College Chicago: MRI University Reporter Tutorial or click on the question mark in the blue circle on the right side of the MRI menu bar.