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New Student Information About Webster University Library: Basic Info

Stuff you need to know about the library. This will make your research easier and your life better.

What happened to the Dewey Decimal system?

So in high school and at the public library, you use the Dewey Decimal System to find books. You write down some numbers and your book is on the shelf where the numbers are.

Here at Webster University Library, we use the Library of Congress classification system. It has both letters and numbers, so it looks a little different. Most universities use this system because it's easier to find the type of books universities collect. Here's a great link that helps you read Library of Congress call numbers (the numbers on the side of the book that help you find that book on the shelf).

Wish you could use Wikipedia?

Use Credo Reference instead! Credo Reference is information from over 500 reference books (like the ones on the 2nd floor) all jammed into one super helpful database. Click here to access Credo and get background information you need for assignments.

Research desk - 2nd floor, (314) 968-6950, or (800) 985-4279

  • The librarians at the research desk on the second floor at the top of the stairs are here to help. It's our job to help with your research, teach you how to use the databases and much more. And we love our job!
  • Asking us questions about how to find information, either in person, on the phone, on chat, or by email, is not cheating. It's being smart about time management and research. You'll save yourself lots of time by asking us to help you.
  • Some examples of things you can ask us: I have an idea for a topic, but I'm not sure where to start looking for information. I need two scholarly articles about this topic, but I'm not sure what that means or where to find them.



Contact a Librarian
Get help finding sources, narrowing or expanding your topic, and more!‚Äč

Lots of great movies, tv shows and other DVDs

We have TONS of awesome stuff on DVD. Movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. Check out our collection on the 1st floor. Also, we have lots of online video that you can watch from home - head over to this page for more info on that.

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