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Mentoring at Webster University

There are several mentoring opportunities available at Webster.

At Webster University, Learning Communities are groups of like-minded new students who choose to learn together, study together, and explore their fields of interest together. First-year students are encouraged to sign-up for a Learning Community during registration. Here's a list of the communities. You may find additional information about each community here.

  • Business Leaders
  • Communications
  • Creative Exploration
  • Discover U
  • Education
  • Film, Television & Video Production
  • Global Engagement
  • Impact Scholars
  • Pathways
  • Social Justice

Students participating in a Learning Community will receive:

  • immediate access to a community of students who share similar social and academic interests
  • encouragement to participate in leadership experiences
  • invitation to participate in outside classroom experiences that relate to their course curriculum
  • additional academic support from their faculty, staff, and peers
  • opportunities to build mentoring relationships with upperclass students

List updated to include AY21/22 learning communities. Links are to Webster's legacy website as of August 2021.