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Media Literacy

A resource guide for undergraduate students studying media literacy

What's a Database? 


A database is a collection of information that you can search to find answers. It might include articles from journals, newspapers, and magazines as well as images, videos, data and financial information. This information is often not available for free if you search with Google. Some database pro tips: 

  • There are a lot of choices. A librarian can help you decide where to start! 

  • Try more than one database, even if you are most comfortable with your favorite

  • You may not get perfect results on the first try. Use synonyms or related words to improve your search. If you aren't successful after 20 minutes, ask a librarian for help! 

  • If you cannot access the full text of an article, or if you find an article on Google that requires payment, let us help you place a request for free access! Find out more here


Use these databases to find scholarly articles, videos, and more.


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