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GLBC 1200 - Leading the Way

Fall 2020 Global Citizenship Cornerstone. Instructor: Dr. Franklin

Types of articles (including peer-reviewed)

examples of journals, trade publications and magazines and scholarly versus popular












Magazines & Newspapers: Called popular periodicals, they are written by staff writers and report current events and news for general readers.

Trade publications: Often written by and for specialists in an industry or business activity (e.g. accounting, HR, sales), they often report trends or offer practical applications or tips for those in the field.

Journals:  Often called scholarly or academic and written by practitioners, theorists & educators, they report experimental and/or theoretical research. Peer-review: Experts in the field may review articles before publication. 

If in doubt, ask your professor what kinds of periodicals s/he prefers you to use for the assignment.

Article databases

"An article that is going to help you is not one that agrees with what you're saying but one that you have something to say about."

Business Source Complete database search for articles

The library's largest business and management article database.

Searching notes:

  • AND finds both or all words together in the article record; add more ANDs to find less.
  • OR finds either word in the article record; finds mORe
  • The asterisk finds variant endings of a word: leader* finds leader, leaders, leadership
  • These search results were limited to articles published in the past five years, that is, since 2015.
  • The source types menu on the left allows us to limit our search results by periodical types, e.g. to magazines or journal articles.  

This search is limited to journal articles (scholarly, peer-reviewed)

Business Source Complete search for character AND leader


This search is limited to magazines OR trade publication articlesBusiness Source Complete search for (citizenship OR social responsibility) AND leader