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Introduction to Doing Research

For those new or returning to research, this guide will help you to plan your research projects and use the library more effectively.

Who This Guide is For

YOU! This guide will help you begin researching a topic.
The steps outlined in this guide will take you through the process, including how to:

  • Evaluate information
  • Find sources for your research
  • Cite your sources

The library can be confusing, but it's the best source of reliable information for any project. Start by reading the information in this guide, then use the tabs along the top of the screen to focus your research.

Understanding Your Assignment

The better you understand your research assignment, the easier it will be to complete.  Be sure to ask your instructor if there is anything you do not understand.

Understanding Writing Assignments from Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL) may help you to better understand what your professor wants. Also, check out the OWL's pages on common writing assignments.

For tips on writing other types of assignments, check out the Assignment Calculator from the University of Minnesota which covers:

  • Speech/oral presentations
  • Video/media project
  • Posters (in PowerPoint)