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Holidays and Observances

This guide provides information about diverse cultural celebrations and religious holidays. It includes calendars and brief descriptions of the events. This resource can assist in event planning and classroom activities.

August 2018

Day Event Religion Cultural
22 Eid ul-Adha Muslim  
26 Raksha Bandhan Hindu  


September 2018

Day Event   Religion Cultural
2 Krishna Janmashtami      Hindu  
4 Labor Day     United States
7 Paryushana* (Begins)   Hindu  
11 Patriot Day      United States
11 Yom Kippur      Jewish  
13 Ganesha Chaturthi   Hindu  
14 Paryushana* (Ends)   HIndu  
19 Yom Kippur      Jewish  
19 International Talk like a Pirate day     Worldwide
21 Ashura   Muslim  
22 Mabon   Pagan  
24 Sukkot  (Begins)   Jewish  
30 Sukkot (Ends)   Jewish  

October 2018

Day Event   Religion Cultural
1 Shemini Atzeret   Jewish  
2 Simchat Torah   Jewish  
9 Columbus Day     United States
9 Navratri  (begins)   Hindu  
16 Navratri i (Ends)   Hindu  
19 Dussera   Hindu  
20 Birth of Báb   Bahá'í  
21 Birth of Baha'u'llah   Bahá'í  
31 Halloween     United States
31 Samhain   Pagan  

November 2018

Day Event Religion Cultural
1 All Saints' Day (Hallowmas, All Hallows') Christian  
2 All Souls' Day Christian  
4 Daylight Savings Time (Ends)   United States
11 Veterans Day   United States
12 Birth of Baha'u'llah Bahá'í  
17 Polytechneio   Greece
21 Prophet's Birthday      Muslim  
22 Thanksgiving   United States
25 Christmas Fast (begins) Christian  
23 Black Friday   United States
26 Ascension of Abdu'l-Bahá Bahá'í  
26 Cyber Monday   United States

December 2018

Day Event Religion Cultural
2 Advent (Begins) Christian  
8 Chanukah (Begins Jewish  
7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day   United States
 8 Bodhi Day Buddhist  
10 Chanukah( ends) Jewish  
12 Our Lady of Guadalupe (Feast Day) Christian  
13  (begins) Jewish  
16 Las Posadas (begins) Christian Mexico
21 Yule Pagan  
24 Christmas Fast (ends) Christian  
25 Christmas Christian  
25 Las Posadas (ends) Christian  
26 Kwanzaa (begins)   Pan-African

January 2019

Day Event Religion Cultural
1 New Year's Day   International
1 Kwaanza (ends)   Pan-African
5 Lunar New year    
6 Epiphany Christian  
7 Orthodox Christmas Day Orthodox  
14 Orthodox New Year       Orthodox  
18 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (begins)   Christian
20 World Religion Day Bahá'í  
20-21 Tu B'Shevat Jewish  
21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day   United Sat
21-23 Mahayana New Year   Buddhist  
25 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (ends) Christian  
28 Australia Day   Australia

February 2019

Day Event Religion Cultural
2 Groundhog's Day   United States
5-6 Losar New Year Buddhism  
12 Lincoln's birthday   United States
14 Valentine's Day   United States
18 President's Day   United States
18 Washington's Birthday   United States

March 2019

Day Event Religion Cultural
1 Republic Day    Switzerland
4 Maha  Shivratri Hindu  
5 Shrove Tuesday Christian  
5 Mardi Gras   United States
6 Independence Day   Ghana
8 International Women's Day    
10 Day Light Savings Time (begins)   United States
17 St. Patrick's Day   United States
20 Vernal Equinox    
25 Independence Day    Greece
Day Event Religion Cultural
1 April Fool's Day   United States
5 Ching Ming Day   China
6 Chakri Day   Thailand
7 Passover (ends) Jewish  
8 Wesak (Buddha Day) Buddhist  
13-15 Songkran Festival (Thai New Year)   Thailand
14 Palm Sunday Christian  
14 Vaisakhi Sikh  
15 Tax Day   United States
18 Holy Thrusday Christian  
19 Good Friday Christian  
19 Theravadin New Year    
19-27 Passover Jewish  
21 Easter Christian  
22 Earth Day   United States
27 King's Birthday    Netherlands
Day Event Religion Cultural
1 Labor Day    Greece
1 Beltane Pagan  
2 Yom Hashoah Jewish  
2 National Day of Prayer   Interfaith USA
4 National remembrance day   Netherlands
6 Ramadan (Begins) Muslin  
6 King's Coronation   Thailand
12 Mother's Day   United States
20 Visakha Bucha Day Buddhist Thailand
22 Royal ploughing   Thailand
25 Africa Day   Africa
27 Memorial Day   United States
29 Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh Bahá'í  

June 2019

Day Event Religion Cultural
5 Eid ul Fitr (End of Ramadan) Muslim  
7 Dragon Boat Festival   China
8-10 Shavout  Jewish  
10 Whit Monday  Christian  
14 Flag Day   United States
16 Father's Day   United States
17 Holy Spirit Monday Orthodox  
21 Litha  (summer solstice) Pagan  

July 2019

Day Event Religion Cultural
1 Republic Day   Ghana
4 Independence Day   United States
16 Asahna Bucha Day Buddhist Thailand
17 Buddhist lent day   Thailand
28 King's Birthday   Thailand