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Gateway Library Instruction Conference

The first annual Gateway Library Instruction Conference will be held September 3, 2015 at Webster University Library.

About This Conference

We have so much talent in the region.  Our goal is to bring together that talent so we can share, learn, collaborate, and re-energize.

A ragtag group of instruction librarians from four local institutions have a dream of sharing insights into library instruction across the region. We want to bring together instruction librarians from the Saint Louis region both formally and informally. What at first started as a lunch and learn among these four librarians and their colleagues is now coming to life as the first annual Gateway Library Instruction Conference.  

Why did we choose Can We Talk as our conference theme?  

GLIC seeks to bridge the gap between a formal conference and an unconference by designating topics but creating an environment of facilitated group sharing within each theme. Formal conference presentations commonly limit the incubation of new ideas and practices due to the structure of the sessions. GLIC is your chance to delve deeper into topics we are all thinking about individually.  This is your chance to share what you are doing, talk through the possibilities, and simultaneously build your professional network.