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Video Game Design @ Webster University Library

Game Cube


Donkey konga [electronic resource].                      

Super Smash Bros. melee [electronic resource].




The Sims 2 [electronic resource]. GV1469.25.S563 S5632 2004
SimCity 4 [electronic resource]. GV1469.25 .S563 S464 2003
The Sims 2 university [electronic resource] : expansion pack. GV1469.25.S563 S5637 2005
The Sims 2 nightlife expansion pack [electronic resource] / Maxis. GV1469.25.S563 S5636 2005
Sid Meier's Civilization IV [electronic resource]. GV1469.25.C58 S5344 2006
WarCraft III [electronic resource] : reign of chaos. GV1469.25.W35 W333 2002
Bad day LA [electronic resource] : are you prepared? GV1469.27 .B335 2006
Age of mythology [electronic resource]. GV1469.25.A34 A3 2002
Pajama Sam. 2, Thunder and lightning aren't so frightening [electronic resource]. GV1469.22 .P352 1998
Freddi Fish. 4, The case of the hogfish rustlers of Briny Gulch [electronic resource]. GV1469.22 .F743 1999
Faces of war [electronic resource]. GV1469.27 .F33 2006
Age of empires [electronic resource]. GV1469.25.M555 A343 2006

Playstation 2

Gran Turismo 4 [electronic resource] : the real driving simulator. GV1469.35 .G73 2004
We love Katamari [electronic resource]. GV1469.62.K38 W4 2005
Katamari Damacy [electronic resource]. GV1469.62.K38 K3 2003
Ratchet & Clank [electronic resource] : up your arsenal. GV1469.35.R38 R3 2004
Fantastic 4 [electronic resource] / Activision. GV1469.35.F36 F3 2005
Mister Mosquito [electronic resource] / Fresh Games. GV1469.37 .M57 2002
Shadow of the colossus [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .S533 2005
Grand theft auto. Liberty City stories [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .G736 2006
Call of duty 2 [electronic resource] : big red one / Activision. GV1469.35 .C35 2005
Okami [electronic resource]. GV1469.63 .O33 2006
Guitar hero [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .G85 2005
EyeToy groove [electronic resource] / PlayStation 2. GV1469.35.E94 G76 2003
LEGO Star wars II [electronic resource] : the original trilogy. GV1469.62.S7 L42 2006
Guitar hero II [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .G852 2006
RPG maker II [electronic resource]. GV1469.63 .R642 2003
Guitar hero. Metallica [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .G856 2009
Call of duty 2 [electronic resource] : big red one / Activision. GV1469.35 .C35 2005
Brothers in arms [electronic resource] : road to hill 30. GV1469.35.B76 B767 2005
Black [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .B52 2006
Civil War [electronic resource] : a nation divided. GV1469.35.C58 N3 2005
The Punisher [electronic resource] / Marvel [original story by Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti]. GV1469.37 .P86 2005
Max Payne [electronic resource] : greatest hits. GV1469.35.M39 M395 2002
Call of duty. Finest hour [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .C3494 2004
Atari anthology [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .A83 2004
Intellivision lives! [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .I58 2003
Activision anthology [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .A28 2002
Capcom classics collection [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .C37 2005
Namco museum 50th anniversary [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .N36 2005

Playstation 3

Grand theft auto IV [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .G738 2008    
Batman. Arkham Asylum [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.B34 B375 2009    
BioShock 2 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 B482 2010    
Uncharted. 2, Among thieves [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.U53 A46 2009    
Dragon age origins [electronic resource]. GV1469.63 .D73 2009    
Final fantasy XII [electronic resource] / Square Enix. GV1469.62 .F388 2010    
Dante's inferno [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .D363 2010    
Full spectrum warrior [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .F85 2004    
Soul calibur IV [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.S643 S64 2008    
Killzone 2 [electronic resource] / Guerrilla. GV1469.35 .K552 2008    
Resistance 2 [electronic resource] / developed by Insomniac Games. GV1469.35 .R482 2008    
Heavy rain [electronic resource] / Quantic Dream. GV1469.37 .H43 2010    
Ratchet & Clank future [electronic resource] : a crack in time / Insomniac Games. GV1469.35.R38 R4 2009    
3D dot game heroes [electronic resource]. GV1469.63 .T47 2010    
Tekken 6 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.T37 T376 2009    
Gran Turismo 5 prologue [electronic resource] : the real driving simulator / developed and produced by Polyphony Digital Inc.   directed and produced by Kazunori Yamauchi. GV1469.35.G73 P76 2008    
Mini ninjas [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .M56 2009    
Red dead redemption [electronic resource] / Rockstar Games. GV1469.37 .R38 2010    
Madden NFL 12 [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .M36 2011    
Uncharted 3. Drake's deception [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.U5 D73 2011    
Dragon Age II [electronic resource]. GV1469.63 .D732 2011    
Deus ex [electronic resource] : Human revolution. GV1469.35.D48 H5 2011    
Uncharted [electronic resource] : Drake's fortune. GV1469.35.U5 D75 2007    
Mortal kombat [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .M67 2011    
Little big planet 2 [electronic resource] / developed by Media Molecule. GV1469.37 .L582 2008    
L.A. noire [electronic resource] / Rockstar Games. GV1469.37 .L3 2011    
Silent Hill. Downpour [electronic resource (PlayStation 3)]. GV1469.35.S54 D69 2012    
FIFA soccer 13 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .F413 2012    
Portal 2 [electronic resource] / Valve. GV1469.62.P67 P62 2011    
Persona 4. Arena [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.P57 A7 2011    
SSX [electronic resource] / EA Sports. GV1469.37 .S68 2012    
Xcom [electronic resource] : enemy unknown / 2K Games. GV1469.35 .X36 2012    
Journey [electronic resource] / Sony Computer Entertainment.   GV1469.63 .J68 2012    
The last of us [electronic resource] / created and developed by Naughty Dog, Inc. GV1469.37 .L37 2013    
Metal Gear Solid 4 [electronic resource] : guns of the patriots. GV1469.35.M46 M464 2008    
NHL 14 [electronic resource] / EA Sports. GV1469.37 .N45 2013    
Ben 10 omniverse 2 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.B46 O52 2013    
Assassin's creed IV [electronic resource] : black flag. GV1469.35.A77 B53 2013    
Batman. Arkham origins [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.B34 B378 2013    
Payday 2 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .P392 2013    
Need for speed. Rivals [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .N386 2013    
Call of duty 4 [electronic resource] : modern warfare. GV1469.35 .C354 2007    
Demon's souls [electronic resource]. GV1469.63 .D46 2009    
Battlefield 3 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .B383 2011    
God of war saga [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .G84 2010    
Call of duty. Black ops II [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.C35 B532 2012    
Demon's souls [electronic resource]. GV1469.63 .D46 2009    
LEGO Marvel super heroes [electronic resource] / produced by TT Games under license from the LEGO Group. GV1469.37 .M47 2013    
Dragon age: inquisition [electronic resource]. GV1469.63 .D733 2014    
NBA 2K15 [electronic resource] / 2K Sports. GV1469.37 .N35 2014    
Metal gear solid HD collection [electronic resource] / Konami. GV1469.35.M46 M46 2011    

Playstation 4

Watch dogs [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .W38 2014
Destiny [electronic resource] / Bungie, Activision. GV1469.37 .D46 2014
Rayman legends [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.R38 L45 2014
FIFA15 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .F415 2014c
The evil within [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .E85 2014
Grand theft auto V [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .G738 2014
The walking dead. Complete first season [electronic resource] : a Telltale Games series. GV1469.37 .W35 2014
The walking dead. Season two [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .W352 2004
Call of Duty. Advanced warfare [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.C35 A38 2014
Shadow of Mordor [electronic resource] : Middle-Earth. GV1469.63 .S53 2014
Alien [electronic resource] : isolation. GV1469.35.A45 I86 2014
Metal gear solid. V, The phantom pain [electronic resource] : tactical espionage operations. GV1469.35.M46 M465 2015
Bloodborne [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.B56 B56 2015
Fallout 4 [electronic resource] / Bethesda. GV1469.35.F35 F354 2015
The Witcher. III, Wild hunt [electronic resource] / developed by CD PROJEKT RED. GV1469.35.W58 W53 2015
Assassin's creed: unity [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.A77 U5 2014
Life is strange [electronic resource] / developed by Don't Nod Entertainment SARL. GV1469.37 .L43 2016
Tom Clancy's The Division [electronic resource] / developed & published by Ubisoft. GV1469.37 .T68 2016
Final fantasy. XV [electronic resource] / Square Enix. GV1469.62 .F39 2016
Mortal kombat XL [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .M685 2016
Playstation VR worlds [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .P53 2016
Resident evil VII. Biohazard [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.R47 R7 2017


The legend of Zelda. Twilight princess [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.L43 T85 2006
Rayman. Raving rabbids [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .R387 2006
Ghostbusters [electronic resource] : the video game. GV1469.37 .G46 2009
Punch-out!! [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .P84 2009
Dead Space. Extraction [electronic resource]. GV1469.62.D43 D434 2009
Muramasa [electronic resource] : the demon blade / Vanilla Ware Ltd. GV1469.63 .M87 2009
Green Day rock band [electronic resource] / Harmonix   MTV Games. GV1469.35 .G75 2010
NBA 2K11 [electronic resource] / 2K Sports. GV1469.37 .N33 2010
Need for speed. Hot pursuit [electronic resource] / Electronic Arts. GV1469.37 .N38 2010
Kirby's epic yarn [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.K57 K5 2010
Monster hunter 3 [electronic resource]. GV1469.62.M66 M63 2009
Wii sports resort [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.W55 R47 2009
Super Mario galaxy 2 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.S96 G32 2010
Just dance 2 [electronic resource] / Ubisoft. GV1469.35.J87 J82 2010
LEGO Indiana Jones [electronic resource] : the original adventures. GV1469.37 .I53 2008
Mariokart Wii [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.W55 M37 2008
Mario party 8 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.M35 M38 2007
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Vancouver 2010 [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .M375 2009
New Super Mario Bros. Wii [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.S96 N47 2009
Epic Mickey [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .E65 2010
Super Smash Bros. Brawl [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .S983 2008
The legend of Zelda [electronic resource] : skyward sword. GV1469.35.L43 S59 2011
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean [electronic resource] : the video game. GV1469.37 P57 2011
NBA 2K12 [electronic resource] / / 2K Sports. GV1469.37 .N34 2011
Rayman. Origins [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.R38 O7 2011
Zumba fitness 2 [electronic resource] : party yourself into shape. GV1469.37 .Z862 2011
Just dance 3 [electronic resource] / Ubisoft. GV1469.35.J87 J83 2011
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic games [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .M38 2011
Michael Jackson, the experience [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .M53 2010
The last story [electronic resource] / Nintendo of America   a Hironobu Sakaguchi game   music by Nobuo Uematsu. GV1469.63 .L37 2012
Metroid. Other M [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.M48 O8 2010
LEGO Batman 2 [electronic resource] : DC super heroes. GV1469.35.B34 B382 2012
Wreck-it Ralph [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .W74 2012
NBA 2K13 [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .N35 2012
Fortune Street [electronic resource] / Square Enix. GV1469.37 .F67 2011
Wii sports [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.W55 S66 2006
Just dance 4 [electronic resource] / Ubisoft. GV1469.35.J87 J84 2013
Just dance 2014 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.J87 J85 2013
Wipeout 3 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.W57 W53 2010
Teenage mutant ninja turtles [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .T573 2013
FIFA 15 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .F415 2014b
Just dance 2015 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.J87 J86 2014


Doom 3 [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .D673 2004
Tödliche Schokolade [electronic resource] : das Detektivspiel / [Text: Meibrit Ahrens. Ill.: Christian Hansen. Idee und Konzeption: Meibrit Ahrens [and others]. GV1469.25 .T62 1998
The chronicles of Riddick [electronic resource] : escape from Butcher Bay. GV1469.35.C47 C474 2004
Deus ex. Invisible war [electronic resource] : the future war on terror / developed by Ion Storm. GV1469.35.D48 D485 2003
Tom Clancy's splinter cell. Chaos theory [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .T66 2005
Need for speed. Underground 2 [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .N42 2004
Time splitters [electronic resource] : future perfect. GV1469.37 .T563 2005
Ninja gaiden [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .N56 2004
Star Wars battlefront [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .S83 2004
Tron 2.0 [electronic resource] : killer app. GV1469.37 .T765 2004
Metal gear Solid 2 [electronic resource] : Substance / Konami America Inc. GV1469.35.M46 M462 2002
Red faction II [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .R432 2003
Madagascar [electronic resource] / Dreamworks. GV1469.37 .M33 2005
Unreal championship 2 [electronic resource] : the Liandri conflict. GV1469.37 .U572 2005
Jade empire [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .J33 2005
Prince of Persia. Warrior within [electronic resource]. GV1469.62.P75 P759 2004
Forza motorsport. 3 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.F67 F673 2009
Fable [electronic resource] / Lionhead Studios. GV1469.37 .F33 2004
Baldur's gate. Dark alliance II [electronic resource] / Black Isle Studios. GV1469.63 .B35 2004
Tom Clancy's splinter cell. Chaos theory [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .T66 2005
Burnout revenge [electronic resource] : battle racing ignited / EA Sports. GV1469.35 .B8 2005
Sneak king [electronic resource] / Blitz Games   Burger King   King Games. GV1469.37 .S64 2006

Xbox 360

BioShock [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .B48 2007
Halo 3 [electronic resource] : ODST. GV1469.35.H35 H356 2009
James Cameron's Avatar [electronic resource] : the game. GV1469.37 .A93 2009
Mass effect. 2 [electronic resource]. GV1469.62.M37 M372 2010
Supreme commander 2 [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .S872 2010
Darksiders [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 D37 2009
Halo. Reach [electronic resource] / Bungie. GV1469.35.H35 H3567 2010
Scene it? Box office smash! [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.S34 B69 2008
Fable III [electronic resource] / [developed by] Lionhead Studios. GV1469.37 .F333 2010
Battlefield [electronic resource] : bad company 2. GV1469.35.B38 B32  2010
BioShock 2 [electronic resource] / 2K. GV1469.35.B48 B482 2010
Enslaved [electronic resource] : odyssey to the west. GV1469.37 .E576 2010
Super street fighter IV [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.S986 S94 2010
Supreme commander 2 [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .S872 2010
TMNT [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .T573 2007
Dead space 2 [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .D432 2011
Assassin's creed II [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .A772 2009
Call of duty. Modern warfare 2 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .C352 2007
Gears of war 3 [electronic resource] / [Epic Games]. GV1469.37 .G433 2011
Tales of Vesperia [electronic resource]. GV1469.63 .T35 2008
The elder scrolls V. Skyrim [electronic resource]. GV1469.62.E43 S59 2011
Call of duty. MW3 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .C353 2011
Batman. Arkham city [electronic resource] / Rocksteady   DC Comics. GV1469.35.B34 B376 2011
Crysis 2 [electronic resource] / Crytek. GV1469.37 .C792 2011
Mass effect. 3 [electronic resource] / lead writer, Mac Walters  director, Casey Hudson. GV1469.62.M37 M373 2012
Farcry 3 [electronic resource] / Ubisoft. GV1469.35.F37 F3 2012
Dishonored [electronic resource] / Bethesda. GV1469.63 .D57 2012
Halo 4 [electronic resource] / 343 Industries   Microsoft. GV1469.35.H35 H357 2012
The walking dead [electronic resource] : a Telltale Games series. GV1469.37 .W35 2012
Forza motorsport 4 [electronic resource] / Turn 10 Studios. GV1469.35.F67 F674 2011
Resident evil 5 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.R47 R5 2009
Borderlands [electronic resource]. GV1469.63 B67 2009
Minecraft [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .M55 2013
Vanquish [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .V36 2010
BioShock. Infinite [electronic resource] / 2K Games. GV1469.35.B49 B56 2013
Battlefield 4 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .B384 2013
Grand theft auto V [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .G738 2013
Tomb raider [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .T69 2013
Borderlands 2 [electronic resource] / Gearbox Software. GV1469.63 .B672 2012
FIFA 15 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35 .F415 2014
The elder scrolls V. Skyrim [electronic resource]. GV1469.62.E43 S59 2011
Titanfall [electronic resource] / Electronic Arts. GV1469.37 .T65 2014
Call of duty. Ghosts [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.C35 G46 2013
Need for speed. Most wanted [electronic resource] : a criterion game. GV1469.37 .N385 2012
Call of duty. Black ops [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.C35 B53 2010b
Call of duty. Black ops II [electronic resource] / [Treyarch]. GV1469.35.C35 B532 2010b
Farcry 4 [electronic resource] / Ubisoft. GV1469.35.F37 F34 2014
Rise of the Tomb raider [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .R47 2015
Forza horizon. 2 [electronic resource]. GV1469.35.F67 H5 2014
LEGO Batman [electronic resource] : the video game. GV1469.35.B34 B38 2008
Gears of war 2 [electronic resource] / [Epic Games]. GV1469.37 .G432 2008
Fable II [electronic resource]. GV1469.37 .F332 2008