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Teaching Resources for Webster University Faculty

A bibliography of print and online books on the scholarship of teaching along with a list of journals dedicated fully or partially to the same topic.

Why Do Students Plagiarize?


 Internet/electronic resources                           

§  access to a variety of plagiarized resources via the internet including customized papers

§  cutting and pasting

Cultural shifts in perceptions of honesty and integrity

Student error and attitudes

§  limited high school preparation for college level writing        

§  lack of instruction

§  focus on grades/fear of failure, especially for those who are performing weakly

§  outside pressures—illness, jobs, time constraints, financial factors, parental pressure, etc.

§  procrastination/time management—fear of failure/excitement of stress/work better under pressure          

§  uncertainty over documentation rules—especially for beginning freshmen

·         no author,  common knowledge, etc.                                                                                    

·         blurred lines between individual and collaborative learning

§  changing perceptions of intellectual property-- file sharing, music downloads, Wikipedia, etc. free material doesn’t need to be cited   

·         more relaxed view of “cheating” in younger culture/the ends justify the means

philosophy/everyone does it

·         don’t see copying from someone else as plagiarism                                        

·         victimless crime

§  desire to “beat the system” or lack of “integration” with university culture/class

Faculty issues           

§  assignments that are too general/only require a final draft

§  long-term deadlines that lead to procrastination

§  inconsistent campus policies and responses

§  demands of larger classes and extensive resources

§  avoidance of confrontation

University Resources to Support Faculty and Advisors

Library Resources

Additional Resources

For a print version of this information as well as additional resources, open the file above.