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FactSet database

FactSet access

Log in using the FactSet database link: 

You may be prompted to first log in to library eResources and to register for your account, if you haven't already done so. 

Note: FactSet may occasionally require you to use two-factor authentication (a one-time passcode sent to your Webster email) in order to log in. This may occur much less frequently if you access FactSet from on-campus or via the library's eResources login.

You may also log in to FactSet from the library's database page. Here's how:

  1. Begin at the library home page:
  2. click the blue button labeled Articles & Databases
  3. From the "Know the database you want?" list, select FactSet.
  4. Log in/ authenticate into library eResources using your last name and Webster ID number.

Using FactSet in the classroom and research

Note:  Users must log in to FactSet to access support pages.  

Classroom:  Faculty who wish to use FactSet in their courses may get help with creating assignments and integrating data into their courses from FactSet's academic trainers. Contact Mary Erwin, the Business & Management Librarian for information. 

All students will need a FactSet account.  To expedite this setup, an instructor may request accounts for all students in the course.  More information is available below.

Research:  FactSet may be "used in the normal conduct of your academic pursuits, such as in conducting academic research, publishing academic papers, and conducting educational seminars and webinars."  If you use FactSet data in your research, please attribute:

For additional functionality, faculty may wish to download the Workstation version of FactSet. See the box on this page for more information.    

Faculty may contact FactSet Consulting Services, 24/7 for application, project and technical support.  

Training: Online training for FactSet is available on the platform for all users after one registers for a FactSet account.  FactSet also offers a Certification program for faculty and students. 

In addition to online help, FactSet will provide group training via WebEx and in-person for both faculty and students.  Contact Mary Erwin, to schedule a session.


Request a FactSet account for all students in your class ("bulk ID")

To use FactSet, each student will need a personal login. To expedite the process of assigning user IDs to students, FactSet has provided a Bulk ID Request form. The course instructor should fill-in the information requested in the Download class registration form.  Please note that you will need each student's Webster email and expected graduation date.  

Send the completed form as an attachment to  If you are teaching an advanced course that will require access to the Workstation software for students, please indicate this in your email when submitting the form. 

Please note that all IDs are created together for any student who does not already have a FactSet account. It may take up to 7 to 10 business days to process these registrations. Please inform your students when you have submitted this form, so that they may respond to the account creation emails that FactSet will send directly to their Webster email. Remind students to check their junk mail if they do not receive FactSet's confirmation regarding their account. 

If a student already has a FactSet ID, they will still be sent the login instructions with the rest of the class. The instructions will point them to the site where they can verify their existing ID.

What is the FactSet Workstation?

All registered user may access FactSet on the Web, which includes all the same functionality available on the installed version, including the ability to download reports directly into Excel.  

The installed Workstation allows the use of an Excel add-in to create and run functions and formulas within an Excel spreadsheet. 

This version is available:

  • By download to one (1) computer per account only.  The software is not compatible with a Mac.
  • To faculty registrants only.  Faculty will receive download instructions in their registration email when setting up an account. 
  • For one download to a personal computer or laptop.
    • If you elect to download to a Webster device that requires an administrative password, please complete a Webster IT work order.  Please be prepared to share the download link that you received in your account  registration email. 
    • If a student requires access to the Workstation, they may be able to use it in a Webster classroom or lab.  Or, you may contact the Business and Management Librarian to facilitate a download. 

For training, check out the Learning Portal tab on the Workstation menu. Faculty (and librarians) may contact FactSet Consulting Services, 24/7 for application, teaching, research project, and technical support. 

Classroom/Lab workstation access 

Students in most courses will be able to conduct their research using the Web version of FactSet.  If using FactSet, Faculty may wish to request that their course be held in a lab classroom. 

For more advanced courses, faculty may request that Webster IT download and install the FactSet Workstation in a classroom or lab at their campus.  Note that this process may take several weeks to complete.  If students require Workstation access, please note this in the email when requesting bulk ID creation for your course. Students will not have access to Workstation by default. For details on this process, please contact Mary Erwin.

On the home campus, the Workstation is now available on all computers in the EAB 208 classroom. 

Training video for faculty

In July 2019, a FactSet trainer shared tips with faculty at the home and international campuses for using FactSet (Web) in the classroom.  Watch this video on the Library's YouTube channel. (Link will open in new window at 49 seconds to skip session setup.)

If you prefer, you may watch the embedded video, below.  [Session content begins at 0:49 (49 seconds); Fast forward to this point.]

FactSet flyer