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FactSet database

What is FactSet?

FactSet logoFactSet is a provider of extensive financial data on markets and companies, which allows users to monitor global markets, perform in-depth analysis, and develop investment strategies. FactSet is brought to you by Webster University Library and is available worldwide to all Webster University users.

Coverage includes: 

  • Financial data on 85,000+ global public and private companies.  Historical coverage for developed markets dates back to the 1980s.  Emerging markets coverage starts in the 1990s
  • 3,000+ financial data items for companies in 120+ countries
  • Historical financial data on 5,000 global indices, as well as fixed income, commodities, alternative investments markets and more

FactSet has two interfaces:

  • FactSet Web is the version that most students will use.  It provides full functionality and the ability to download to Excel.
  • FactSet Workstation is for advanced users and researchers.  It has the same functionality as the Web and, also allows users to code functions and formulas using an Excel plug-in.  For details on the download required for this version, see What is the FactSet Workstation on the "for Faculty and Librarians" tab/page of this guide.   

FactSet is available to students, faculty and staff for educational use only. 

All users must first register for a FactSet account using their Webster email. 

Here's a handout about FactSet.

Register for your FactSet account -- all users start here!

In order to use FactSet, each user must create an individual account using your Webster email address.

  • Follow the FactSet login link, below. 
  • You may be prompted to login/authenticate into Library eResources.  
  • On the following page, click the link to Create a FactSet account.
    • You need only register once for your entire career at Webster University. 
  • Complete the form using your Webster email.  
  • Once you submit the form, it may take up to four (4) business days for FactSet to email you instructions for completing the registration process.
    • If you don't receive an email in a timely manner, check your junk mail and add FactSet as a safe sender.
  • For registration help, contact or 1-877-FACTSET.  Global phone numbers are listed here:  

Log in to FactSet


Log in to use FactSet online (link opens in new window). You may be prompted to first log in to library eResources. Once you are registered, click "Go To Factset" to enter your personal FactSet username and password

Note: FactSet will occasionally require you to use two-factor authentication (a one-time passcode sent to your Webster email) in order to log in. This may occur much less frequently if you access FactSet from on-campus or via the library's eResources login.

Once you are registered, you may log in directly to FactSet (link opens in new window) using your FactSet username and password.

Help with account registration and access

FactSet Client Support is available at 1-877-FACTSET* | 1-877-322-8738 or

Students may contact FactSet directly for help with registering and logging into their accounts. Requests for help with course assignments should be directed to your instructor. 

Faculty may contact FactSet for help with all questions, including using the data in their teaching and research and for training.  See the "for Faculty" page for more information.

See the Help page on this guide for FactSet's online training

*International phone numbers are listed here.

Other financial databases

Need to search by company for 'simpler', preformatted financial statements including balance sheets and income statements and stock information?  These databases are available online and do not require you to register an account. 

We have more!  Here is a complete list of the library's financial databases