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Economics and Finance at Webster University Library

Journals (e.g. peer-reviewed) vs. popular magazines

Shows titles of of periodicals from scholarly journals to trade publications to popular magazines.Types of periodicals

Scholarly/academic journals, e.g. The American Economic Review, may be peer-reviewed and provide research findings in a discipline.

Trade publications, like China Economic Review and Public Finance, inform or educate professionals in an industry or management function (e.g. accounting).

Popular magazines, like Time, Bloomberg Businessweek, Harvard Business Review, and newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, inform or entertain the general public.

If in doubt, ask your professor what kinds of periodicals they prefer that you to use for the assignment.

Comprehensive business article databases

These databases provide broad coverage of business and management topics. These databases are smart choices in which to start your research. 

Business Source Complete -- how to search tip sheet

Business Source Complete, our largest business and management article database, offers primarily scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles from a variety of publications. It is often the best place to start searching for articles.  Here's a brief (2-page PDF document) tip sheet on how to get started with a search.

Additional article databases

These databases may provide a different focus for your search. You might use them in addition to one of the comprehensive databases listed above, or if you have a multidisciplinary topic.

Database features: article full-text, citations, and saving articles to folders

Here are a couple of tip sheets on using advanced features within Webster University Libraries' databases, which include:

  • Full-text: where to locate the full text of an article
  • Cite tool: how to generate a citation, e.g., in APA or MLA format
  • Folder tool: how to save items to EBSCO folders for future use

Looking for a specific article or periodical, e.g Harvard Business Review?

Search the Journal / magazine / newspaper A-Z list to discover if the periodical you seek is one of more than 80,000 titles available full-text online or in print from the library.