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Doctor of Education Academic Program @ Webster University Libraries

EdD in Transformative Learning in the Global Community

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ERIC is the main database that you will use to do research in the field of Education. Try a search below!

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Popular vs. Scholarly

Scholarly articles are sometimes also called "peer-reviewed" because they are evaluated by other scholars or experts in the field.  A scholarly article is commonly longer than a magazine article.

The clearest and most reliable indicator of a scholarly article is the presence of references or citations.

Many of our databases allow you to limit your search to just scholarly articles. This is a useful feature, but it is not 100% accurate in terms of what it includes and what it excludes. You should still check to see if the article has references or citations.

Top Picks for Education Databases

Additional Education Databases

Focus Your Search

Most of the library's databases provide tools on the left- or right-hand side of the results screen with options to help narrow down your search. This is where you can apply different limiters, sometimes called filters, to your initial search terms.

Limiter options might include:

  • publication date
  • resource type
  • subject terms
  • geography

In Academic Search Complete and other databases from the EBSCOhost company, these limiters will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. By clicking "Show More" in the box labeled "Subject: Major Heading," you can select the terms you want to investigate further and view articles.

Whenever you refine a search, only apply one limiter at a time so that you don't accidentally filter out useful articles.