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GLBC 1200 - Mother and Father Forever

MAJOR PROJECT: Global Citizenship Program (GCP). Critical thinking,

                        Oral and Written Communication rubrics.

                        A 5-7 page paper: Compare and contrast two sets of parents from films Real Women

                        Have Curves, Ordinary People, Joy Luck Club, and /or books Tiger Mom, or

                        play Retreat From Moscow. Specifically, address parenting styles; Select three or

                        four themes from the following class topics, and exhibit a minimal level of

                        research skill (Cite Sources: quotation, paraphrase, summary, facts, information

                        and data). Select themes that interest you. Explain why the themes interest you.

                        Utilize your critical thinking skills developed throughout the semester. You must

                        two sources in addition to class material.

                        Class topics  ---------->

                        Criteria: explain the issue you will be thinking through critically; provide evidence

                        from sources both given in class and through your own research; reflect on the

                        context and the assumptions made; state a position; show innovative/unique thinking;

                        discuss the implications/consequences.

                        In your papers you must demonstrate: a sense of Purpose and an awareness of

                        audience; the ability to Develop and organize content; the ability to Write in the

                        correct genre using appropriate disciplinary conventions; the ability to integrate

                        sources and provide evidence; a basic Control of syntax and mechanics.

                        This assignment is due Tuesday, November 25th. Each student will provide a five

                        minute Oral Presentation to the class about their paper.

Class topics:                                                     

Parenting styles upon off spring;

Safety and security;

Birth order response toward parenting styles;

Family dance steps;

Separating and individuating;

Attachment theory;

Myths of childhood;



Feeling, thinking and behavior;


Adult lens;

Personal responsibility;

Wants vs. needs.