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Human Resources Development @ Webster University Library

Types of periodicals / articles

If in doubt, ask your professor what kinds of periodicals s/he prefers you to use for the assignment.

Periodical type descriptions

Journals:  May be called scholarly or academic periodicals.  Journal articles are written by practitioners, theorists or educators in a field or discipline and often report experimental and/or theoretical research. Peer-review: Experts, or the author's peers in the field, may review articles before publication. 

Trade publications: Often written by specialists in an industry or business activity (e.g. accounting, HR, sales), they report trends or offer practical applications or tips for those working or studying in the field.

Magazines & Newspapers: Called popular periodicals, they are written by staff writers and report current events and news for general readers.

Business Source Complete

Here are some often-used subject search terms to describe human resources development in the Business Source Complete database.  Combine them with other keywords to focus your search. 

  • Personnel management (Note: human resources is not a subject term in this database)
  • Career development
  • Continuing education
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Employees – Rating of
  • Employee training
  • Executives -- Training of
  • Occupational training
  • Organizational change
  • Organizational learning
  • Professional ethics
  • Vocational guidance


Additional management article databases

The following databases may provide a different focus for your search. You might use them in addition to Business Source Complete above.

Looking for a specific article or periodical, e.g Harvard Business Review?

Search the Journal / magazine / newspaper A-Z list to discover if the periodical you seek is one of more than 25,000 titles available full-text online or from the library in print.