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Procurement & Acquisitions Management @ Webster University Libraries

Legal & Government Finding Aids 

In many cases, a research project relating to procurement and acquisition will require research beyond books and articles into government documents, regulations/laws, and business profiles.  The information below and the Websites tab at left are intended to help you find these types of resources.

Additional business law databases

Westlaw (Thomson Reuters)

If you want to search for a specific case or law review articles on a topic, start with Westlaw, our largest database of legal documents and research. For more information on legal resources and for videos on searching Westlaw, please see the Law/Legal Studies @ Webster University Libraries research guide.

Pratice Areas in Westlaw

You may also browse or search for documents in a legal practice area. 

  1. Click the Practice Areas tab at the top of the database home page
  2. If you want to search both federal and state materials, click the link at the right on the search bar. (Shown as "All Federal" in first image below.)
  3. Select the checkbox for each jurisdiction that you want to include.  We've checked "All" for both states and federal. (See image 2.) Save the filter when prompted.
  4. Click one of the practice areas. Image 2, below, shows the Labor & Employment practice area.
  5. You must select one of the formats of information to search. We've selected Cases. (I.e. You can not search All Content)
  6. WestLaw will display the 10 most recent documents in that format. 
  7. To search for your topic, enter a search term in the search box or click "Advanced" for more information about how to search. We've searched for cases that contain the exact phrase "family medical leave" (enclose phrase in double quotation marks).
  8. Notice that you may narrow / filter your results using the menu to the left.

Image 1


Image 2


Free website for US business law resources

The Legal Information Institute (LII) at Cornell University Law School is a "small not-for-profit group that believes everyone should be able to read and understand the laws that govern them, without cost." They fulfill this mission by "publishing law online, for free, and creating materials that help people understand" the law. Statutes/codes for those studying business law include:
United States

U.S. States

  • State law resources
  • State statutes by topic

World -- National and International laws