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EDUC 3125 - Technology in the Classroom

A research guide created for School of Education professors Dr. Basiyr Rodney and Dr. Ralph Olliges.

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ERIC is the main database that you will use to do research in the field of Education. Try a search below!

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ERIC Documents

Webster Library Subscribes to ERIC Database                       

Webster Library owns Microform June 1995-July 2004

Wash U has extensive backfiles of ERIC Documents on Microform: (1966-1982 at West Campus MFs;  1983- 2004 in West Campus Microforms) 

According to the ERIC Website: The documents that are currently available on microfiche, but not online, can be foundPDF on ERIC here. Note that ERIC is in the process of actively restoring documents that were taken offline due to readability issues, although not all of these documents are restorable. This list will be updated periodically to reflect any new documents made available online through the PDF restoration process.

ERIC Keep List (July 2014)

Popular vs. Scholarly

Scholarly articles are sometimes also called "peer-reviewed" because they are evaluated by other scholars or experts in the field.  A scholarly article is commonly longer than a magazine article.

The clearest and most reliable indicator of a scholarly article is the presence of references or citations.

Many of our databases allow you to limit your search to just scholarly articles. This is a useful feature, but it is not 100% accurate in terms of what it includes and what it excludes. You should still check to see if the article has references or citations.

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