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New Student Information About Webster University Library

Stuff you need to know about the library. This will make your research easier and your life better.

Helpful Databases

Use these general databases to find scholarly articles and more.

Getting Started

You get an assignment and you have to have a certain number of articles. Ok. Now what?

  • We have a lot of databases. Over 150! This is because we support a lot of programs and different databases have articles on different subjects.
  • The way to figure out which database to use is by looking at the Database main page and picking which subject you're doing research in.
  • Or, you could start with our biggest general and multidisciplinary database, Academic Search Premier. That means it covers every subject.
  • Visit this page for more information on searching and finding the full text of an article.
  • And remember - we're here to help you! If you have questions or have been searching for 20 minutes and haven't found anything, ask us for help.