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This research guides provides databases, search tips and resources for getting started with business and management research. A guide for your specific program or major may be available on the Getting Started tab on the navigation menu.

Company financial statements and investment databases

Example of Morningstar search for Nike's financial statements

Here's an example of a search for the company, Nike. Expand the menu to jump to a specific section of the report. 

A search for the company Nike on Morningstar

Here is an image of Nike's financials statements section. Notice that one can display the Income Statement, Balance Sheet or Cash Flow statements. Financial Statements are avaible for annual and quarterly time periods. To see more of the section, select Expand Detail View. 

Images captured on 28 August 2022 from the Morningstar database.

What are financial ratios?

Ratios are a mathematical comparison of two quantities, for example, the price-earnings ratio used to analyze a stock. Ratios of one firm are often compared across time, with those of a similar company, or with all firms in the industry, i.e. an industry ratio or industry average.  

Some major forms of financial ratios are:

  • profitability (e.g. earnings per share)
  • liquidity / risk (e.g. current ratio, quick ratio)
  • efficiency (e.g. price-to-earnings ratio)

For additional information see Financial ratios and statement analysis. (2005). In Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management (2nd ed., pp. 194-198). Malden, MA: Blackwell. Retrieved 2022, October 19, from the Gale eBooks database.

Database for finding company ratios

Databases for finding industry ratios or averages