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Business & Management @ Webster University Library

Sage Videos: Business & Management Collection -- Info about using

Enter keywords, phrases or Boolean (e.g. leader* AND Apple) in the 'Search within this Video Collection' box.  Or, browse by subject using the list near the bottom of the collection home page.

Sage Video browse results limited by content typeYou may then limit your search using the options to the right of the results:

  • Search Within Results
  • Content Type
  • Subjects
  • Publication Date
  • Keywords list

Films on Demand allows you to...

  • search for full videos or video clips
  • watch these videos from any computer after signing in with your Webster ID
  • access much more content from Films for the Humanities and other producers than ever before available at Webster

Known issues and how to troubleshoot them...

  • Films on Demand sometimes has problems playing well on campuses that have bandwidth issues
  • Try playing the video, pausing it and letting it load for 5 minutes before playing it again
  • Perhaps have your students watch the film on their own time at home
  • If you are still having difficulty, please contact our eResources Team.

Browsing by Subject in the Films on Demand database

If you have some broad topics that you are looking for it might be easier to browse the Films on Demand (FOD) database than to search it.  Here's how:

1. Begin at the library homepage:

2. Click the link for "Articles / Databases"

3. Use the pull-down menu labeled "Know the database you want?" to choose: Films on Demand

4.  If prompted, log in using your last name (in the top box) and (in the second box) your Webster 7-digit ID number

5.  Use the Menu near the top left corner of the page to link to > Browse Videos > By Subject  (or, scroll down the FOD homepage page to the "Browse Subjects" section)

Films on Demand menu and header

6.  Under the category Business & Economics, you might want to focus by selecting a sub-category, for example, Ethics & Business Law

7A. Browse the videos, or

7B. If the category or sub-category contains a large number of videos, try searching at this point, using the search box on the header.  We suggest that you:

  • begin by searching a single, broad subject within the sub-category.  For example, in the Ethics & Business Law category, use  "business law" or privacy as your keyword or phrase
  • enclose phrases in double quotation marks, e.g. "business law"
  • If FOD erases your category selection from the search results, you may activate it by selecting an appropriate subject filter on the right.

Videos in Ebscohost Business Databases

Two Ebscohost business databases, Entrepreneurial Studies Source and Business Source Complete also contain videos.  These videos are not listed in the library catalog, so these databases must be searched individually.  Here's how:

video search in business databases

1. Login to one of the databases.

2. From the More menu, select Business Videos/Images.

3. In the “Limit your results” section found below the search box(es),

  • Uncheck the box labeled Image Quick View Collection
  • Ensure the Videos box is checked.

4. Enter a search keyword or phrase into the search box and click Search.

5. Need to expand your search to find more?

  • Use OR to search for synonyms
  • Add the asterisk to search for multiple word endings.  E.g. manage* will find manage, manager, management, (but not managing).

Library Business Video Databases

Search the Library catalog:

You may use the Video Search Express box below to search for videos included in the Sage and Films on Demand databases as well as video content in other formats, e.g. DVD and VHS. Note that videos from Entrepreneurial Studies Source, and  Business Source Complete are not covered by the catalog so you must search them separately.

Video Search Express


Enter keywords: