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To find a peer-reviewed journal article on a psychology topic:

  1. Log in to the PsycInfo database. PsycInfo is generally the best place to start for finding journals in all areas of psychology, psychiatry, and counseling.
  2. Enter the key words or short phrases that describe your topic in the search boxes at the top of the screen. For example:PsycInfo sample search
  3. Scroll down to the limits area at the bottom half of the page. Under Publication Type on the left, click on "Peer-reviewed journal".Peer-reviewed journal limit.
  4. Press the Search button at the top of the page and view your results.
  5. Additional limit options appear to the left of your results.
  6. See below for helpful tutorials and databases in related areas.

Find articles in these databases

Finding research by location

PsycINFO has a field called PL (Population Location) which allows you to search for materials related to a specific location. Researchers can use this field to find studies done in a particular country, for example. On the search form, type the location in a search box and set the corresponding box to the right to PL Location.

Many other databases use a field called GE Geographic Terms as shown below: