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Counseling @ Webster University Libraries

To find a video on a topic:

  1. Go to the Video Search Express section below to find videos available to Webster University and Eden Seminary.
  2. Type key words or brief phrases using the word AND that describe the topic into the search box. For example:
    1. developmental psychology and memory
    2. counseling and military
  3. Press the Search button and view your results.
  4. Additional information is available on the following:

Video Search Express

Search for a video by keyword. Your search may find items in all video formats: streaming videos from online databases and DVD's and VHS tapes in the library.

Enter keywords:

Videos you can watch online

See our Getting Started Sharing Videos page for instructions on how to link videos from our video databases in your syllabus, course page, etc.

Watch and Learn with Webster U. Library Webinars