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Student Success

Useful information to help you succeed as a student at Webster University

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The single most important thing you need to know about the library is

...It's okay to ask questions.  The librarian listed on the left side of the page is specifically assigned to support counseling students and faculty. We also have librarians available nights and weekends (see the Help information at the bottom left).

  • We welcome questions from all of our students, whether you are in the St. Louis area, elsewhere in the U.S., at an international campus, or taking an online class.  And we love our job!

  • Asking us questions about how to find information, either in person, on the phone, on chat, or by email, is not cheating. It's being smart about time management and research. You'll save yourself lots of time by asking us to help you.

Helpful Databases

Helpful Databases

Use these general databases to find scholarly articles and more.


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