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ADA Accessible Library Resources

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center is committed to providing equal access to education for the Webster University community by ensuring that students with documented disabilities receive the support and accommodations they need for academic success. The Academic ADA Coordinator works with each student to create reasonable accommodations that meet their individual needs. At extended sites, site directors or a designated staff member works with students regarding their needs and accommodations. However, the Academic ADA Coordinator is available to assist employees at extended sites as well.

To find out more about accommodations, please contact:

Shelley S. Wolfmeyer, M.A.
Academic ADA Coordinator

The Academic Resource Center also provides assistive technology consultations on a variety of technologies to assist students with access to classroom materials. Additionally, the ARC can provide students with training and access to assistive technologies available on-campus.

For more information or to set up an appointment to learn about the assistive technology available at Webster University, please contact:

Cindy A. Yamnitz
Assistive Technology Program Coordinator

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technologies Page

Closed Captioned Television (CCTV)

  • Location: The Emerson Library

Dragon Naturally Speaking

  • Location: The Academic Resource Center and the Emerson Librar

JAWS (Job Access with Success) 

  • Location: The Academic Resource Center and the Emerson Library

Kurzweil 3000

  • Location: The Academic Resource Center, the Emerson Library, and the Sverdrup Computer Lab 206 


  • Location: The Emerson Library


  • Locations: The Academic Resource Center and the Emerson Library

Alternative Format Textbooks and Materials

Helpful Apps (Not Supported by the Academic Resource Center)

Accessibility Committee

The Accessibility Committee is a resource within the Webster University system on any academic, physical, or employment issues related to disability and access.  It prioritizes necessary projects requiring capital expenditure to improve accessibility and to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The Committee also hears issues and problems raised by students, faculty, administration, and staff regarding accessibility and services provided to individuals with disabilities.

Additional information about the Committee:

Committee Membership

Committee Meeting Minutes

Dates of Future Meetings


Accommodations and Auxiliary Aids

Information on:

  • Peer Notetakers

  • Recording Lectures

  • Wheelchair/Accessible Rooms

  • Interpreters/Real-time Captioning

  • Textbooks in Alternative Format

  • Tutoring Services

ADA Grievances

Grievance Procedures