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GLBC 1210 - Gateway Seminar to the Global Citizenship Program

Starting Your Search

Beginning a search doesn't have to be scary if you take a few moments to come up with a strategy before you start.

1.  If you haven't already, choose your topic. And make it a big one. It's easier to refine your topic later than to expand it when you can't find specific information..

2.   Turn that topic into a question. Determine what you want to know about your topic. Usually, this means relating your topic to another idea.

3.  Come up with a few keywords to use as search terms. You should have two to four to start. 

4.  Select a database that is likely to have articles on your topic. 

5.  Type your keywords into separate boxes in the database and click that search button. 

6.  Check out your results. 

  • Too many? Add another keyword to narrow your search or add a limiter (e.g. date) 
  • Too few? Remove one of your keywords or add synonyms (e.g. polar bear OR maritime bear)