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Capstone & Thesis Research

This guide walks you through steps you might take to complete your major paper or project.

Before you begin:

Make sure you understand what is required. Read your assignment carefully and talk with your instructor if you need clarification. Think about how much time and other resources you have and need to complete all parts of the research assignment within the course timetable.

Benefits of a capstone or research project:


Your capstone paper or project:


  • When you read or research, you're joining the academic conversation. 
  • Academic research is a form of conversing as shown in this YouTube video. A book that deals with this concept, They say, I say discusses how to integrate the works of others with one another and with your own ideas. It also offers templates for incorporating these ideas into your papers. 
  • To explore areas of interest more fully. Often in class, a topic is only addressed enough to raise more questions, so this is a good time to explore more deeply.