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Counseling: New Student Guide

Can I get help with my writing?

Contact the Writing Center for helpful resources and expert assistance. Most instructors encourage their students to use the Writing Center and the staff there are happy to work with you as you move up to writing at the graduate level. 

Note that students at campuses outside the St. Louis area or in online classes may use the Online Writing Center to obtain assistance..


How can I get help with APA style?

APA style, developed by the American Psychological Association, is commonly used for writing papers and citing references in the counseling program. Visit our APA Style page for links to various resources. 

There is also citation help built into most online databases. Here's a page that illustrates how to find citation information in the PsycInfo database.

How can I avoid accidentally plagiarizing in my paper?

How can I keep track of all the materials I am finding for my assignment?

There are a number of software programs available that help students store references and notes, create bibliographies, etc. , including the ones listed below. Some students find them useful while others don't feel they are needed.