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MUSC 3050 - Software Applications Course for Musicians

MUSC 3050 -- Dr. Joshua Burel

Library Presentation Notes



                                                        [Prepared by retired librarian Allen Hoffman]

                                                        Contact:  Wendy Schlegel 314-246-7815



Four  concepts to consider when searching for music in the library catalog:


                Controlled vocabulary  


In the Webster Library catalog, ‘Religious music’ directs user to ‘Sacred music’


Thesauri (which control vocabulary) for subject headings vary from one database to another.  Examples:


Music trade           vs.    Music business

                Scat singing            vs.    Jazz scat singing

                Violoncello             vs.    Cello



“Twain, Mark” is the ‘authoritative’ heading for Samuel Langhorne Clemens, S.L. Clemens, etc.


“Chopin, Frederic” is the authoritative heading for these (and many more):


Shopen, F


Chopin, Fryderyk Franciszek




Chopin, Fryderyk Franciszek

Шопен, Фредерик

Chopin, Federico



Uniform titles


        The grapes of wrath is always The grapes of wrath in English publications


Quartet for the end of time is always Quartet for the end of time in English publications



                Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827. Symphonies, no. 9, op. 125, D minor

                        is the “uniform title” for these (and many more):


Sinfonie mit Schluss-Chor

Choral symphony


Ode an die Freiheit

Ode to freedom

The greatest symphony ever written!

Sinfonia corale

IX. Symphonie, d moll

Symphonie IX

Symphony number nine

The great choral symphony

The Ninth


All these variants result from marketing, languages of publishers, generic forms (quartets, songs, concertos), etc.         Other examples:


[Haydn]:  Concertinos, organ, violins (2), double bass, H. XVIII, 10, C major 

vs.     Organ concerto no. 2          

vs.     Concertos, organ, string orchestra, H. XVIII, 10, C major


[Barber]:   Quartets, strings, no. 1, op. 11, B minor. Adagio;  arr.

vs.   Adagio for strings


[Schubert]:  Quintets, piano, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, D. 667, A major            vs.  Trout quintet        vs.              Forellen-Quintett


KEYWORD searching also allows access to titles that may be ‘buried’ in sets or anthologies.


[Schumann]:  Frauenliebe und Leben. Du Ring an meinem Finger     

vs.    Du Ring an meinem Finger     vs.   Ring on my finger


[Wagner]:    Ring des Nibelungen.  Rheingold           vs.   Rheingold


[Duke Ellington]:   Deep south suite.  Happy-go-lucky local       

vs.    Happy-go-lucky local


One of the few recordings that we own of Four pieces for clarinet and piano, op. 5 by Alban Berg is in the set

“The Early twentieth century”.  This piece would only be found with a keyword search such as

Berg clarinet pieces


Keyword searching is always recommended


                Truncation and Boolean searching


                Encyclop*dia  retrieves encyclopedia AND encyclopaedia

                Wom*n retrieves woman and women

                Sonata* will yield sonata AND sonatas

                Sonat* will yield sonata, sonatas, sonate, sonaten

                Rachman** will retrieve Rachmaninov, Rachmaninoff


                HINT: Don’t make searches either ‘too broad’ or ‘too narrow’: strike a balance



mozart  quartet* 387 peters  -- to find K.387 in the Peters edition

But this is too broad: Mozart and quartet*  [hundreds       of hits]


                Bach and Goldberg and Kirkpatrick  -- to find Kirkpatrick’s edition of the Goldberg variations

But this is too narrow:  Bach and Goldberg and aria and schirmer and BWV988 and kirkpatrick [not all elements may be present or indexed in the record]



(Truncation symbols vary from one database to another.  In the Webster Library catalog, a single asterisk is a wildcard for 1-4 characters; a double asterisk covers 5+ characters)


Rachman** AND symphon* will retrieve any of  his symphonies (in several languages, singular or plural) and without having to know how to spell his name.


Mendel** AND lieder ohne AND 30  will retrieve Mendelssohn’s (or Mendelssohn-Bartholdy’s)  Songs without words, narrowing the results down to just his opus 30.


Indexes, abstracts, full-text


An index provides a citation to a source (article, book, dissertation, etc.)

An abstract provides the citation and a summary of the content

A full-text entry in a database provides the entire contents



Some databases are only partially full-text (mix of full-text and index)


You will see the “Article Linker” icon appearing in search results.  Article  Linker is a feature that connects the user to full-text articles. The articles may be available in electronic format from an online database and/or in paper (print) format at the Webster University Library or the Eden Theological Seminary Library.  The Article Linker page provides more information on these possibilities. 

Articles not available within our Library or on one of our databases may be requested through MOBIUS (statewide Missouri consortium) or InterLibrary Loan (national).

See an example under “Music Index Online,” below.





Reference works

Databases (full-text; citations to journals and books; videos; sound recordings)


        Be careful of:


        Internet: Google search indicated 35 trillion people in the world


 Show and tell:



        Thematic catalogs

        Collected editions

        Monuments of music

        “Historical sets, collected editions, and monuments of music” by Heyer

         Music reference and research materials : an annotated bibliography / Vincent Duckles.                                                                      Music research : a handbook / Laurie J. Sampsel.


Databases for music in Webster University Library.


From homepage (, select

        Articles / databases

        Scroll down to Databases by subject; continue to Humanities, and then to Music

        Click on Music. 


These can also be accessed from your Course Guide via the tab “Library materials – Webster and beyond.”




Met Opera on Demand


Music Index Online  


Music Online (Alexander Street Press)

•       African American Music Reference

•       American Song

•       Classical Music Library

•       Classical Music Reference Library

•       Classical Scores Library

•       Contemporary World Music

•       Dance in Video

•       The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online

•       Jazz Music Library

•       Opera in Video

•       Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries     


Naxos Music Library


Naxos Music Library Jazz


Note: In Naxos and Music Online you can create playlists


Oxford Music Online (formerly Grovemusic)


RILM Abstracts of Music Literature