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Needful Terms for New Librarians

This guide is for new employees at Emerson Library. It is designed to help these employees learn key terms, tools, and concepts so that they can integrate quickly into library operations.

Research Guides

Research Guides

LibGuides: The programming platform through which Research Guides are created (Lib Guide can also be a synonym for Research Guide).

Research Guides: A librarian-created document accessible through the library website providing insight, databases and other library resources, and other assistance for students either in a certain class or studying a certain discipline. 

  • Course Guides: A variety of Research Guide which provides assistance with a specific class in the Webster University catalog.
  • General Purpose Guides: Guides that explain how to do something at the library or in regard to research.
  •  Internal Guides: These are guides that library staff use for organization.
  • Subject Guides: Program or major or department guides. These guides have traditionally been entitled with the subject followed by the phrase "@ Webster University" at the end of the guide title. These are the types of guides that may (if there were enough room) be listed on the main Research Guides page as "Guides by Academic Department".  
  • Template Guides: Guides (mostly unpublished) that contain boxes and other content that may be mapped to or re-used on other guides.  
  • Topic Guides: Guides about a topic (that doesn't fit in either the course guide or subject guide type category). For example, most collections of websites about a topic fit here.