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Needful Terms for New Librarians

This guide is for new employees at Emerson Library. It is designed to help these employees learn key terms, tools, and concepts so that they can integrate quickly into library operations.

The Wonderful World of Acronyms

The Wonderful World of Acronyms

ARC: The Reeg Academic Resource Center, where students can go to get assistance with academic counseling, accommodations, testing, tutoring, writing, and other services.

EAB: The East Academic Building, primarily the home of the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology.

FDC: Refers to the fourth-floor suite containing the resources of the Faculty Development Center which helps provide faculty with teaching support, professional development, and "Learning about Learning".

GCP: Webster Univerity's Global Citizenship Program, this program prepares students for future professional success through a set of undergraduate degree requirements that will help them confront global challenges and provides them with the skills necessary to generate permanent solutions.

HLC: The Higher Learning Commission, a corporation that accredits degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions in the United States, including Webster University. 

IRS: Instruction & Research Services. This library department is responsible for a variety of library functions including instruction, liaison, research/reference, and archives.

ISB: The Interdisciplinary Science Building (also known as Browning Hall), where, as one would expect, all the physical and life sciences are taught.

LCR: Located in the southwest corner of the first floor, this is the large meeting space available for reservation to various University-related groups.

OLC: Webster's Online Learning Center works with academic departments to deliver online courses and programs, assists faculty in the development and delivery of online courses, and coordinates support and information for online students.

RAS: Resources & Access Services. This library department is responsible for a wide variety of library functions including circulation, cataloging, electronic resources, and others. (RAS-1 refers to the first-floor desk and office area, RAS-3 refers to the third-floor offices in room 320, which has a code-lock on the door, the combination of which is changed periodically).

SGA: The Student Government Association, which sponsors and supports student activities on the campus.

WSA: Webster Staff Alliance,