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Needful Terms for New Librarians

This guide is for new employees at Emerson Library. It is designed to help these employees learn key terms, tools, and concepts so that they can integrate quickly into library operations.

The Campus

The Campus

Browning Hall:  The Interdisciplinary Science Building, where, as one would expect, all the physical and life sciences are taught.

EAB: The East Academic Building, primarily the home of the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology.

East Hall: One of the Residence Halls on campus.

Garden Park Plaza Garage: This is the parking structure on Garden Avenue across from the East Academic Building. Shared with Nerinx Hall, it also houses the Campus Bookstore and the Public Safety Office.

  • Campus Bookstore: The source for textbooks and all things Gorlok, the Campus Bookstore is located at the west end of the parking facility.
  • Public Safety Office: Located next to the west entrance to the parking structure, the Public Safety Office is campus security headquarters. It is also where students, alumni, etc, go to get their ID cards.

ISB: See Browning Hall.

Loretto Hall/Maria Hall/Webster Hall: Now primarily an administrative center, this complex includes some of the oldest buildings on campus. Located in the angle between Lockwood and Big Bend, it also houses the Reeg Academic Resource Center, Mail & Copy Solutions, and Marletto's. Webster Hall's medieval-style corner towers face Lockwood Ave. and comprise the "main entrance" to the University.

Loretto Hilton Center: Across Edgar Road from the Library, the Loretto Hilton Center for the Performing Arts contains the Loretto Hilton Repertory Theater. It is also the home of the Webster University Conservatory Program.

Mail & Copy Solutions: Located in Loretto Hall, this is the place to send students if they need color printing done.

Reeg Academic Resource Center (ARC):  The Academic Resource Center, where students can go to get assistance with academic counseling, accommodations, testing, tutoring, writing, and other services.

Sverdrup: The building just to the north of the library, Sverdrup Hall is the home of the School of Communications.

University Center: The building to the south of the library, it houses the swimming pool, gym facilities, meeting areas, information center, and informal dining area.

West Hall: One of the Residence Halls on campus.