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What is a SWOT analysis?

A study undertaken by an organization to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.

Databases that contain company SWOT reports

SWOT reports are most likely to be written about public companies. If you are looking for information about a private company, you may find a SWOT report about their parent company, if it is publicly-traded.  

Here's a search in the Business Source Complete database for SWOT reports.  Carrier Corp. is a private subsidiary of United Technologies (UTX). This database does not have a SWOT report for Carrier, but does for UTX.  

In the keyword search displayed below, the word, S-W-O-T, is typed in the SO Publication Name field AND Carrier OR UTX in the CO Company Entity field.

Search for SWOT reports in Business Source Complete

What if I can't find a SWOT report for my company?

Within library databases, SWOT analysis reports are most often available for large U.S. public companies, though some foreign and private companies might be covered as well.  

If you cannot find a SWOT report for your company, look for reports on 2 or 3 larger public companies in your same industry.  For example, in the computer software industry try Microsoft or Apple or Intel.  Companies in the same industry will often use or adapt their own strengths to capitalize on another company's weaknesses.

Also, check industry reports, like those from the IBISWorld Industry Market Research database to see what internal and external factors are impacting companies in the industry in which your company competes.

How can I create a SWOT analysis?