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Company directory databases

Searching the Business Source Complete database for company directory information

  • From within the Business Source Complete database (login using link from database list below):
  • Click on the Company Information tab
  • Find and link to the company you seek. 
  • See the navigation menus on the company profile page to link to link to:
    •  periodicals (journals, trade publications, magazines or newspapers) or books
    •  reports like SWOT analyses, industry or market research and product reviews from publishers such as MarketLine (formerly Datamonitor) and Barnes
    • company hierarchy
    • financials (brief), subsidiaries, products, executives, industry codes (NAICS)

Business Source Complete company information profile for Nike

Company financials & investment databases

What are financial ratios?

Ratios are a mathematical comparison of two quantities, for example, the price-earnings ratio used to analyze a stock. Ratios of one firm are often compared across time, with those of a similar company, or with all firms in the industry, i.e. an industry ratio or industry average.  

Some major forms of financial ratios are:

  • profitability (e.g. earnings per share)
  • liquidity / risk (e.g. current ratio, quick ratio)
  • efficiency (e.g. price-to-earnings ratio)

For additional information see Financial ratios and statement analysis. (2005). In Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management (2nd ed., pp. 194-198). Malden, MA: Blackwell. Retrieved July 5, 2011, from Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Database for finding company ratios

Databases for finding industry ratios