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Article Linker


Article Linker is a feature that helps you locate the full text of articles. This page provides examples of what you may see when searching for articles in a database. If you have questions, contact a librarian as indicated in the box below. 


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When searching for articles in a database:

When you search a database and get a list of articles on your topic, some will have links to the full text. Others will have the Article Linker message as circled below. Click the link to see how to obtain the full text.

When the library does not have the journal:

You will sometimes find examples like this one when you click on "Article Linker". While the Webster University Library cannot afford to subscribe to all journals, we can usually obtain a copy for you at another library, and at no cost to you. Click the blue "Request It Here" button to order the article.

When you request an article:

Using the "Request It Here" feature is easy and there's no charge to Webster students, faculty and staff. The first time you do so you will be asked to register. After that, pressing the Request button will transfer the information about the article you want to a request form. Then press the "Submit Request" button at the bottom of the screen.

When you are notified that your article has arrived:

You will receive an email message when your article has arrived (usually within a few days). The message will contain a link that will allow you to log in to the request website. Then click the "View" button to view your article. Most articles will expire within 30 days of delivery so be sure to check the expiry date noted below article information (indicated below with the red arrow). 


When you have a citation and are looking for a specific article:

Try our Article Linker form. For best results complete as many fields as possible.