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Gregory, A. G., Howard, D. (2009, Summer).  The nonprofit starvation cycle. Stanford Social Innovation Review, 7(4), 48-53.

The article discusses the nonprofit starvation cycle and solutions to break the cycle in the U.S. There are three intertwined forces that deprive nonprofit organizations of essential overhead funding, first is the funders' unrealistic expectations, next is the organizations attitude to conform to these impossible expectations, which in turn, results in the organizations underspending and underreporting and result in the perpetuation of these expectations. The cycle is the result of deeply ingrained behaviors, and identifying where the dysfunction started is hard to determine. It notes that the best way to slow or even stop the cycle is to take action at the first stage, which is funders' unrealistic expectations, although this would require a coordinated, sector-wide effort.

Link to article via Business Source Complete database:

Gregory, A. G., Howard, D. (2009). The real cost of doing business.  Chart. Standford Social Innovation Reveiw, 7(4), 53. Retrieved August 21, 2015, from Business Source Complete database.