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GLBC 1200 - World According to Disney

Welcome to Webster University Library online

This research guide and our website at provide resources help to support students in Professor Keith Welsh's Global Cornerstone Seminar, The World According to Disney.

Please contact our Research Librarians or your Seminar Librarian for help with assignments for this course or any others.

From left: Tiana from The Princess and the Frog; Ariel from The Little Mermaid; Mulan

Library session learning objectives

During the library sessions, students will:

  • Learn how to find relevant library resources (articles, books, websites and help) for their assignments in this course and others.
  • Learn how to get help from the Research Librarians or their Seminar Librarian

From left: Cinderella; Rapunzel from Tangled; Belle from Beauty and the Beast

The Information Pyramid

To get a better idea of what kind of sources to use in your research, you can think of different types of sources and the information they provide as a pyramid.

By themselves, the individual blocks that make up a pyramid aren't very exciting, but together the result is an awesome structure. Likewise, one source is not enough to write a strong paper, but you can write a solid paper by synthesizing information gathered from a variety of sources.