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Zombie Survival Guide: Survival Information

How to survive the zombie apocalypse at Webster University

Survival Information

Need information on how to survive in a disaster zone?

It can be useful to search the library catalog for books about surviving other types of disaters - tornadoes, shipwrecks, and nuclear explosions. Knowing basic survival skills can help you in the case of a zombie attack.

Useful Maps

Looking for a secluded spot to hide out from zombies?

You can check out these maps to determine places that are off the grid.

Helpful Websites

Zombie Squad Presents: Buggin' Out Baby

A video produced by Zombie Squad that features students and faculty from Webster University.

Surviving A Zombie Attack

Zombie Ants

It is important to remember in the event of a zombie apocalypse, that humans are not the only creatures affected...

Don't fall prey to these tiny body snatchers!

Subject Guide

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