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Job hunting after graduation? (Congratulations!) Or, looking for a summer job or an internship? 

You’ll need good info and we have you covered!  Begin with the Career Planning & Development Center (CPDC) to identify jobs and corporate culture via Gorlok Career Link.  Here you may also get help with writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing and more.  And, the Library’s Career Resources guide lists online resources and databases as well.  Search Reference USA for companies in a specific geographic location and industry. Checkout the BizJournals database for business news from over 40 metro areas from Albany to Jacksonville to St. Louis to Wichita.  IBISWorld Industry Market Research contains reports on over 700 major, and hundreds of niche industries, in the United States.  It’s great for finding insights on an industry that can help you to answer interview questions and compose great questions of your own. 
The most effective method for finding jobs and internships is through building industry connections, so it’s imperative to understand which organizations value your skills and experiences and meet your needs. In the video,  Researching and Connecting to Prospective Employers: Find Your Best Fit the Career Planning & Development Center and the Library demonstrate resources that assist you in identifying employers in your field of interest.

by Mary Anne Erwin