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MNGT 3500 - Marketing (Cartwright)

This guide supports Dr. Donna Cartwright's Marketing course for spring 2020. The assignment is to create a marketing campaign for the automobile industry.

Industry reports databases

NAICS industry codes -- automobile

NAICS search automobile

NAICS (rhymes with snakes), is the North American Industry Classification System.  It is used to classify "lines of business" for establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data. 

NAICS codes are replacing the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. Find more information at the NAICS Main Page

Note that there are unique codes for automobile...

  • manufacturing - 336111 (includes cars, electric, etc.)
  • manufacturing - 336112 (includes light trucks and utility vehicles) 
  • wholesalers -  423110 automobile and other motor vehicles
  • dealers - 441110 (includes new or new and used)

Many of the Library's industry databases use a NAICS or SIC code to access reports and may allow you to search by keyword or browse the codes.

IBISWorld Industry Market Research database

Some IBISWorld reports use the NAICS code, others that begin with an OD are tracking codes unique to IBIS and usually represent smaller, niche industries. 

After selecting a report, be sure to check out the tabs at the top of the report for:

  • About this Industry - - Industry definition and the supply chain chart

IBISWorld_car & automobile manufacturing_about industry

IBISWorld SUV & light truck manufacturing_about industry

About this Industry -- Associations and jargon

Much of the information from an industry association is only available to their members, though sometimes the association website may make some of their research and trends available to the public.  For example, check out the Alliance of Automobile Manufactures' Economy page for information about the automobile industry's economic impact. 

IBISWorld additional resources and industry jargon examples

(snipped from page 1 of IBISWorld 33611A report)

  • Industry at a Glance -- Statistics including the product segmentation

IBISWorld car & automobile key statistics and trends_industry at a glance

IBISWorld cars & automobile products and services_industry at a glance

  • Industry Performance -- Key external (macroeconomic) drivers and current performance including revenue growth for the past five (5) years
  • Industry Outlook -- Projection on growth for the next five (5) years

IBISWorld car & automobile_industry outlook

  • Products & Markets -- Key buying and selling industries in the supply chain and an overview of international trade including export and import activity.
  • Competitive Landscape -- Market share concentration, key success factors, sector vs industry costs, competition, barriers to entry and industry globalization. 
  • Major Companies -- Market share of major players in the industry.  Only those with more than 5% of the market are considered.  Important note: The financial data has been extracted from the full company financials and is for only the US car and automobile manufacturing segment.

IBISWorld car & automobile_ major companies and their market share

IBISWorld car & automobile financial performance report for Toyota_major companies

(snipped from "Major Companies" page of IBISWorld 33611A report)

  • Operating Conditions -- Technology, revenue volatility, government regulation. etc.
  • Key Statistics -- Industry data, annual change, key ratios, industry financial ratios, etc.

Business Source Complete industry profiles

For automobile industry reports from the United States, try a keyword search and limit to:

  • publication date: 2015 to 2020
  • source types: industry profiles

Note that 33611* is the NAICS code for automobile manufacturing.  You can also search for the codes for other, related industries: 42311* is automobile wholesalers and 44111* is automobile dealers. 

Business Search Complete automobile industry report search

Your librarian suggests this industry report:

MarketLine Industry Profile: Hybrid & Electric Cars in United States. (2019). Hybrid & Electric Industry Profile: United States, 43p.

An industry report for the hybrid and electric car industry in the U.S. is presented from publisher MarketLine, with topics including market value, market segmentation, and competition in the industry.