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MNGT 3500 - Marketing (Cartwright)

This guide supports Dr. Donna Cartwright's Marketing course for spring 2020. The assignment is to create a marketing campaign for the automobile industry.

Company directory and financials databases

Companies that manufacture automobiles (e.g. Toyota) are often highly diversified within the automotive and vehicles industry. Companies manufacture various makes and models, including SUV, light truck, hybrid, electric, etc.  It might be difficult to find how a company's automobiles impact their broader financial statements in the US market.

As in most industries, you will be able to find more information on a publicly-traded company (look for a ticker symbol) than a private.  And, the parent company may be public (but headquartered outside the U.S.) while smaller subsidiaries may be private so, for financials, focus on the public company.  

For information on how to search these databases, see the boxes below.

Business Insights: Global database -- Company directory 

From the company profile, you may find links to:

  • company hierarchy
  • company website -- it's important to understand the company's corporate image
  • company history (or chronology)
  • market share reports and/or rankings
  • SWOT reports

You may also find links to related articles on legal, management, technology, sales & marketing and strategy & planning.

Business Insights: Global company directory search for Ford

Business Insights: Global -- company finder

Business Insights: Global > Companies > Company Finder

Business Insights: Global Company Finder example

Business Insights: Global - Market Share Reporter

To search for market share reports on a specific product or industry and/or company:

Business Insights: Global >  Industries  > Market Share Reports  > Search Within Results: electric cars

Business Insights: Global Market Share Reports search for electric cars

Business Source Complete -- SWOT searches

Use the pull-down menu to search in specific fields of a record

SWOT in the SO Publication Name (SO = Source field)

AND 33611* or 44111* in the IC NAICS Code  (IC = Industry Code field)

Business Source Complete SWOT and NAICS code search

NAICS 336111 = automobile manufacturing 

NAICS 336112 = light truck and utility vehicle manufacturing

NAICS 441110 = automobile dealers, new only or new and used 

Might also try: NAICS 423110 = automobile and other motor vehicle merchant wholesalers

Business Source Complete search for Honda's SWOT report

What if I can't find a SWOT report for my company?

Within library databases, SWOT analysis reports are most often available for large U.S. public companies, though some foreign and private companies might be covered as well.  

If you cannot find a SWOT report for your company, look for reports on 2 or 3 larger public companies in your same industry.  For example, in the computer software industry try Microsoft or Apple or Intel.  Companies in the same industry will often use or adapt their own strengths to capitalize on another company's weaknesses.

Also, check industry reports, like those from the IBISWorld Industry Market Research database to see what internal and external factors are impacting companies in the industry in which your company competes.

Morningstar database -- Company financials 

This database is limited to six (6) simultaneous users.  While you may find company stock quotes and financials on many "free" websites, one advantage that Morningstar provides is their proprietary Analyst Reports, which gives you an industry insider's view of a company's investment (and market) potential, which may help with your SWOT analysis.  (For more on SWOT, see the Context/Industry tab on this guide.)

Morningstar GM financials and analysis report

Expand the financial statement (to see more financials) by clicking the statement title, e.g. Income Statement >.  Click "Back to Summary View" to go back to Morningstar's Income Statement chart.

Note that the financial data will be in the currency of the country in which the company is headquartered. Also, note that you may need to add zero's to a dollar amount to see the true figure. For example, after the decimal point add six zeroes to convert to millions, nine zeros to covert to billions.   

Morningstar GM financials income statement

Factiva -- Company financials 

The Factiva database contains financial data for large, public foreign and U.S. companies using the local currency.  Business segment data may be helpful for a highly diversified company.  

  • Use the Companies/Markets tab from the menu at the top to search for a company. 
  • Navigate to Financial Results on the right-side menu
  • Select Statement Type: Income Statement
    • Notice that the currency is local, that is, it may not be in U.S. dollar

Financial Results > Statement Type: Income Statement - Annual

Factiva Daimler financials income statement- annual

Most companies in the automobile industry are highly diversified in products and geography.  Factiva may help you to see how each product line contributes to revenues for a highly diversified company:

Financial Results  > Statement Type: Business Segment Breakdown 

(Note: For a multinational firm, you can see a geographic segment breakdown, too!)

Factiva Daimler business segment breakdown