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MNGT 3500 - Marketing (Cartwright)

This guide supports Dr. Donna Cartwright's Marketing course for spring 2020. The assignment is to create a marketing campaign for the automobile industry.

Library website and research guides

The Webster University Library website is at

For additional databases and library services see the main Business & Management research guide.

For additional marketing databases see the Marketing research guide

Marketing "generations" by age

Marketers label the generations using birth years and age ranges. The following document lists generation titles and profiles from: American Generations: Who they are and how they live, 8th ed., 2013. Ithaca, NY: New Strategist Publication, Inc. Click here to access this eBook from the library catalog

The four C's of marketing

The pages in this guide provide library resources to help you find information on the four Cs: Context (Environment), Customer, Company and Competition.

Context provides industry reports that provide insights into the broader business environment

Customer/consumer-- market research data on demographic, lifestyle, & product purchases

Company and competition -- business profiles and SWOT reports

Article databases:  create keyword searches to find trade (e.g. Advertising Age), business (e.g. Bloomberg Businessweek) and popular magazine (e.g. Consumer Reports) articles and reports on the four C’s as well as the four P’s-- Product, Price, Place, and Promotion

The marketing environment climate showing 4 C's -- Customers, Company, Competition and Context (Environment)

Image from Essentials of  Marketing by Perreault, Cannon, and McCarthy (c) 2019, McGraw-Hill.