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For instructions on finding reviews in two newspaper databases, please see below.

Finding reviews in Lexis Nexis

Use Lexis Nexis Academic to find reviews from 1980 to the present. Finding reviews in Lexis Nexis is a fairly complicated process, so please follow the steps below.

  1. Choose Advanced options under the search box
  2. In the section title Index Terms; click on Look up index terms
  3. Search for Theater Reviews and click FIND
  4. Check the box next to the word Theater Reviews under Industry results  
  5. Click the red button that says "OK - Add to search"
  6. Add dates if you wish and choose your source (New York Times most likely).
  7. Click APPLY and start searching. You can search for the name of a show, a director, an actor, etc.


Finding reviews in ProQuest Historical Newspapers

To find reviews in the New York Times from 1851 until three years ago, use ProQuest Historical Newspapers. Try searching for the name of the show and the playwright or director in Advanced Search. Limit to Reviews under Document Type. If you don't find anything, try also limiting by date.