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Ebooks: eBook collection (EBSCOhost)

All about electronic books

iPad, iPhone, and Android downloading instructions

1. Create an Adobe Online ID.

2. Download the Bluefire Reader app to your Apple device (click here to get it in iTunes) or Android device (click here to get it in the Google Play store).

3. Open the Bluefire Reader app on your Apple device and authorize it by entering the Adobe Online ID you created in step 1 (you should be prompted to authorize automatically once you open the Bluefire app).

4. Create an EBSCOhost account.

5. Find an eBook in our library catalog that you want to download. You will click on the "View this eBook (Off-Campus)" link (even if you are on campus) and enter your university login info.

6. Click "Sign In" and sign in with the EBSCOhost username and password you created in step 4.

7. Click on the "Download This eBook (Offline)" link and then click on "Checkout & Download" button.

8. A new screen will pop up with the Bluefire Reader logo. Click on the 'Open in "Bluefire" button'. This will automatically begin downloading the eBook into the Bluefire Reader app. This may take a few minutes.

Compatible devices

  • For instructions for phones - see the box above
  • Barnes & Noble NOOK
  • Sony Reader Daily Edition
  • Sony Digital Readers (PRS-300, 505, 600 and 700BC)
  • iPad® (works with third-party applications BlueFire and Txtr)
  • and more - click here for a list.

Downloading EBSCO eBooks

Step by step downloading instructions

How to Download eBooks on EBSCOhost to Portable Devices (not compatible with Kindles)

  1. Sign up for a My EBSCOhost account and sign into your account
  2. Download an eBook title from EBSCOhost by clicking on the “Download” link  on the search result page or from within the detailed record
  3. Select your preferred checkout period and click “Checkout & Download”
  4. Drag and drop the title icon to your portable device
  5. Read your eBook on your portable device*

*In order for a portable device to be used with eBooks on EBSCOhost, it must be compatible with Adobe® Digital Editions.

How to View eBooks on EBSCOhost on Your Computer through the Web-Based Interface

  1. Download an eBook title from EBSCOhost by clicking on the “Download” link on the search result page or from within the detailed record
  2. Select your preferred checkout period and click “Checkout & Download”
  3. eBook is downloaded and viewable via Adobe® Digital Editions* on your computer

For more information, please visit the downloading eBooks page from EBSCOhost.

Printing EBSCOhost ebooks

After you have selected a book from your results list and selected Ebook Full Text, a pdf file will open up on your screen. Several icons will appear on the righthand side of the screen. Choose the familiar print icon and the following screen will open up:

As you can see, you can print up to 60 pages at a time. Choose Current Page if you only want the one page or look through the pdf file and determine how many pages you'd like to print and select Current page and the next and enter the number of pages you'd like to print. Then click on the bright yellow Print button.


Contact a librarian for help

A note about accessing eBooks in EBSCO

If you've clicked on a book, left the page and tried to get back in, you'll notice that you cannot access the book.

Wait about 20 minutes and try again. The books lock up because the system thinks someone is reading them, so you'll have to wait to access the eBook again.

Helpful links from EBSCOhost

eBook Search Express

Search by keyword for an eBook in the Library Catalog.

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