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Procurement & Acquisitions Management @ Webster University Library

Popular magazines vs Scholarly journal Articles

Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete offers primarily scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles from a variety of publications including Defense Acquisition Review Journal and Journal of Public Procurement. This database also includes the full-text of the GAO Reports. See the box at left for tips on searching this publication for procurement information.

Some common subject/keyword search terms  in this database include:    

  • business logistics
  • defense contracts
  • government purchasing
  • industrial procurement
  • inventory control
  • inventories
  • logistics
  • manufacturing processes
  • operations management
  • public contracts
  • physical distribution of goods
  • public contracts
  • purchasing
  • supply chains
  • supply chain management

A tip sheet for finding subject terms and peer-reviewed journal articles for procurement and acquisitions topics follows.

Looking for a specific article or periodical, e.g Harvard Business Review?

Search the Journal / magazine / newspaper A-Z list to discover if the periodical you seek is one of more than 25,000 titles available full-text online or from the library in print.

GAO Reports

The Government Accountability Office monitors federal spending which often relates to acquisition and procurement. 

These reports can be found in Business Source Complete and the Military and Government Collection.  Simply type in your search term(s); then in the "Publication" line type GAO Reports.

For more detailed instructions with screen shots, click on the link below.

Periodical type descriptions

Journals:  May be called scholarly or academic periodicals.  Journal articles are written by practitioners, theorists or educators in a field or discipline and often report experimental and/or theoretical research. Peer-review: Experts, or the author's peers in the field, may review articles before publication. 

Trade publications: Often written by specialists in an industry or business activity (e.g. accounting, HR, sales), they report trends or offer practical applications or tips for those working or studying in the field.

Magazines & Newspapers: Called popular periodicals, they are written by staff writers and report current events and news for general readers.


Scopus provides a variety of resources on procurement and acquisition. Some related search terms include

  • supply chain
  • project management
  • e-procurement
  • logistics

Click below for a tip sheet on searcing the Scopus database for procurment articles.


ABI/Inform is another source for relevant articles including many in full-text from Government Procurement, Supply Chain Europe, and Logistics Manager.  Common subject terms relating to procurement in this database include

  • contract management
  • electronic commerce
  • government contracts
  • government purchasing
  • operations research
  • purchasing
  • purchasing contracts
  • supply chain management

Request Books or Articles

For instructions and links to forms, see our Request Books or Articles page (St. Louis, U.S., international, and online users).