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MNGT 3500 - Marketing (Cartwright)

This guide supports Dr. Donna Cartwright's Marketing course for spring 2020. The assignment is to create a marketing campaign for the automobile industry.

Article databases

For examples of keyword searches see the boxes below.

Business Source Complete search examples

In Business Source Complete, construct keywords searches to find articles on specific topics. 

Articles about a company and a specific brand

  • When searching for articles about a company, use only distinctive words from the company name rather than abbreviations, especially Inc. or Co.
  • Adding an asterisk to the end of a word will find variant endings.  In one of the examples below trend* will find trend, trends, or trending.
  • If the brand is specific to a product, you may not need to add a key word for the product.  In this example, you don't really need light truck or pick-up truck.
  • Do not limit by date if you want to see how a brand has been marketed since its introduction.

Business Search Complete Ford and F-150 search


Note that the following searches are limited to articles published since 2015.

How do certain automobiles appeal to a generation? 

  • Putting quotation marks around a phrase may improve the search results
  • You may need to search for alternative names for a generation using OR

Business Source Complete millennial or "generation y" or "gen y" and light truck search

What are the trends in the automobile industry in regards to hybrid or electric cars?

Note that the asterisk after automo* will find automobile, automobiles, or automotive. Finding any of these words in the search results would likely be helpful.

Business Source Complete trend search for automo (asterisk) industry and hybrid or electric

Articles about place or sales channels

Business Source Complete new dealer (asterisk) and sport utility vehicle search

General articles about marketing to a specific target generation.

Search for: "generation z" or "gen z" or igen* or "post-millennial" AND market* OR advertis*

Dollar and unit sales of new car dealers

Business Source Complete new car dealer (asterisk) and automobile (asterisk) and unit sales search

Some other keywords or concepts to combine with (automobile or vehicle) 

These are just a few suggestions; use your imagination! 

Hint:  You might wish to limit the article results to source types: magazines, trade publications and newspapers.

  • market share or sales or units
  • price or pricing
  • hybrid
  • electric car
  • sport utility vehicle or SUV
  • light truck or pick-up truck

Some current topics in the news about your industry. Combine with automobile* or vehicle:

South Korea output

social entrepreneur* OR social responsibility of business

supplier* OR supply chain

sustainability OR green business

Wall Street Journal website and article database

Scan the headlines on WSJ online,   Much of the full-text content is locked unless you have a personal subscription, OR, you may browse or search the current and archived articles from WSJ (not financial tables) via the library's Wall Street Journal database link (see login URL at top of page).

Wall Street Journal sport utility vehicle search